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Painting Cats. Start to Finish. December 23, 2009

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First off, I have a feeling that writing this post – and more importantly, getting all the photos and captions in the right order – is going to take me longer to complete than the actual painting.

I’m technologically challenged, but I have the best of intentions. Here goes.


Title: Redward and Whitey (RIP Whitey)

Completed: December 22, 2009

Soundtrack: Storm Large, “Crazy Enough”

Beverage: Three-Buck Chuck


At any rate, that’s how a painting goes, start to finish. Merry Christmas mom and dad! Hope you like the painting and I hope you don’t read this ’til after Dec. 25.


2 Responses to “Painting Cats. Start to Finish.”

  1. Mom Wehrlie Says:

    I have to say that I LOVE this painting. I am really spoiled! Both kitties were totally captured in their eyes alone….can’t wait to get this on the wall. Thanks again, Rachie!

  2. Oh a really gorgeous painting. I really enjoyed watching the piece develop.

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