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Barter is Back February 14, 2010

Filed under: Art,Dogs,Painting on Yupo,Pet Portraits,Watercolor — rachaelrossman @ 9:34 am

A few weeks ago, I posted a comment on Twitter about wanting to redo my website, but not knowing where to start. A designer in Texas responded, we “tweeted” back and forth, and voila! we worked out an art-for-art trade. 

The result of my work is this 20×26″ memorial to her pup, Brody. I don’t often get to work on paintings this large, but I loved it and hope to do more of them. In the meantime, please click over to Nikki Jeske’s site at Design Coyote and check out her mad design skills. My new website is coming soon and I promise it will blow your hair back.


Title: Brody

Completed: February 13, 2010

Soundtrack: Aaron Copland and Boston Symphony Orchestra

Beverage: Assorted caffeine and cocktails


2 Responses to “Barter is Back”

  1. I love the way you captured Brody’s eyes and the colors in the tongue.

  2. Nikki Says:

    I shouldn’t have looked at this at work. Now I’m sitting in my cube blubbering like a baby. Oh my god Rachael, you have a gift. His eyes. His eyes are perfect.

    I can only hope that the design makes you as happy as this makes me, but I kind of doubt it. I’m proud of the design, but I doubt it’ll bring tears to your eyes. 😉 We’re so close to getting it up!

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