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Meet May 26, 2009

My gang

My gang

My career is going to the dogs.

Last year blogger Heather B. Armstrong posted my portrait of her dog Chuck to her website, dooce.com (thanks Heather!) and my web hits went through the roof. Then, a portrait of Martha Stewart’s French Bulldogs, Sharkey and Francesca ended up on marthastewart.com not once, but twice, and is used as a background for one of the MSLO Twitter accounts, @TheDailyWag.


Since then, there have been interviews, reviews and many commissioned portraits of dogs, cats, horses, planes, trains and automobiles.

I have sent a portrait of Bo Obama to the White House, but haven’t heard back on that one yet. I like to think it’s sitting on Michelle Obama’s desk right now.

I work out of my home studio which is really just a room with a desk in it and my kids’ fingerpaints all over the place. To promote my work, I rely heavily on the kindess of  strangers, namely word-of-mouth, blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

Rachael Rossman is an Oregon artist specializing in watercolor pet portraits. For more information, visit www.rachaelrossman.com.

Email me at rachaelrossman at earthlink dot net.