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In Memoriam February 22, 2010

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Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer) is a resource for and inspiration to many dog lovers world-wide. Last week, his companion Daddy the pit bull died at the age of 16.

Last year I sent a painting of Daddy to Cesar’s Burbank office; his staff put it on display and told me later that Cesar liked it very much. I hope it brings them a little bit of joy, now that Daddy is gone.

Such sweet, sad eyes.


The Boxer February 17, 2010

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When we were first married, my husband and I often talked about getting a dog when we were “settled.”  We’d get a boxer and name him Satchel after Satchel Paige, the baseball player. (Though I have no idea who this is). We’d call him Satch for short because we figured it was good for a dog to have a one syllable name. “Satch! Come!” “Satch! Get out of the garbage!”

Well, in our 13 years of marriage we’ve learned one thing – you’re never really settled, are you? Not really. There’s school, and work, and different jobs. Apartments, more apartments, cross-country moves, babies.

The kind of nomadic, unsettled life that is more suited to cats, really, than to dogs.

The painting below is the first of the Mini Portrait series that I announced last week. Her name’s not Satchel, but she’s a beauty.

Title: Athena

Completed: February 17, 2010

Soundtrack: Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole, Facing Future

Beverage: Diet Cherry Coke


Assembly Line February 15, 2010

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For the past week, I’ve had a regular assembly line going in my studio. Today I  have two paintings in progress and four or five on deck. I even had to break down and buy another drawing board, some clipboards and a filing system to keep myself organized. How soon until I can justify a housekeeper?

Send coffee.

Some of the paintings I’m working on are gifts that people have ordered for special occasions. That means I can’t post them anywhere publicly until they’ve been, well, gifted. I learned that lesson the hard way.

Here’s one that I just finished for a delightful customer; as far as I can tell, all parties involved are aware of its existence so I can show you, too. As many of my paintings are, this is a memorial to her dog Mia (right) who is pictured with another dog of theirs, Ralf. I hope to also paint some of their puppies in the future and they’ve sent me some very cute pics. I mean, who doesn’t love puppies?


Title: Ralf and Mia

Completed: February 15, 2010

Soundtrack: k.d. lang, All You Can Eat

Beverage: Diet Coke


Barter is Back February 14, 2010

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A few weeks ago, I posted a comment on Twitter about wanting to redo my website, but not knowing where to start. A designer in Texas responded, we “tweeted” back and forth, and voila! we worked out an art-for-art trade. 

The result of my work is this 20×26″ memorial to her pup, Brody. I don’t often get to work on paintings this large, but I loved it and hope to do more of them. In the meantime, please click over to Nikki Jeske’s site at Design Coyote and check out her mad design skills. My new website is coming soon and I promise it will blow your hair back.


Title: Brody

Completed: February 13, 2010

Soundtrack: Aaron Copland and Boston Symphony Orchestra

Beverage: Assorted caffeine and cocktails


Anticipation February 8, 2010

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My website has been down for 8 days. Eight! Ordinarily, that is not panic-inducing but considering that my traffic went from maybe 150/day to FIVE THOUSAND after the Pioneer Woman post – there has been some subsequent, and I think appropriate, panic.

Thank goodness for Google, because I think that’s how most people are finding me here at the blog when they are turned away from my portfolio site by nasty error messages.

But, rather than dwelling on the horrible horror that is my (now former) web hosting company, I’m very excited to announce that I’m working on a brand new site with the talented Nikki at Design Coyote. The design is super cool and I can’t wait to show you.

The cool part is that we are doing it as a trade and I am painting her a huge portrait of her dog Brody. So huge in fact, that I might have to paint it on the floor because it doesn’t fit on my desk.

See? It's huge!

I guess I could clear off my desk, but I would have to rearrange and reorganize, and then I’d get side-tracked and I wouldn’t get any painting done at all.


Best. Day. Ever. January 29, 2010

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Two great things happened today. I’ve been dying to post about it since this morning, but I was too busy answering email and hitting ‘refresh’ on my blog stat counter.

Thing the first: My portrait of Neil Gaiman’s dog Cabal arrived in Minnesota!

I know, right?!

Thing the second: my painting of Charlie was on The Pioneer Woman today!

Charlie is home.

You know this blog is new, so I don’t get a huge amount of traffic over here. But today, thanks to the kind words of @neilhimself and @thepioneerwoman my stats are through the roof. The best part, though?  Two more of my paintings have found good homes.

Goodnight, Charlie. Goodnight, Cabal.

Goodnight, stat counter.


If you look very, very closely… January 12, 2010

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Last month I sent The Pioneer Woman a painting of her dog Charlie who, apparently, smells like Fritos. Anyway, she just got the painting and sent me a very nice email and I understand it will be featured on her site soon (fingers crossed) but in the meantime, I was super stoked to see it on another post today wherein she talked about redecorating. I’m glad our Charlie made the cut!

You have to go visit The Pioneer Woman to see the rest!